A place with everything that humans have ever required: nature, movement, interesting challenges, adventure. You want to do a thousand things at once, face countless interesting problems, discuss matters with people and further important political, cultural or artistic aims. Everything seems possible, you’re torn between possiblitlies. But where, then, is the time for contemplation, the time for yourself and your family? Is it really so difficult to change the conditioned virtues and values dictating industriousness, performance and success? But nonetheless, the inhabitants recognise their weaknesses as challenges and thus are in a position to change themselves and their surroundings for the better. Such initiatives are ever more common around the world, be they new settlements, transformed villages or town projects. People can take control of things themselves without waiting for “the powers that be” to implement change – and it is precisely this which makes this process so exciting.
Andi Stiglmayr, director

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