Short Description

In search of a future-oriented model of society film-maker Andi Stiglmayr came across the model settlement "Sieben Linden" ("Seven Lime Trees") founded 10 years ago in the Altmark ("Old Marches"), a region about 150 km west of Berlin.
120 different people divided in neighbourhoods marked by different lifestyles try to accommodate various aspects of life such as work, life and leisure, communication, medicine, education, economy, ecology and culture.
On the basis of the thoughts and the everyday life of two of the villages’ founders the film tells in a sensitive but not glossy way about the challenges of life in community with its personal, ethical and ecological demands.  And it tells about the conflicts, success, aberrations and the everyday encounters of people who have chosen a different way to live their lives.
After the national success of "Der bayerische Rebell" ("The Bavarian Rebel") about the unconventional singer and songwriter Hans Söllner, Stiglmayr now presents a documentary about a small-town project where the dreams of individual people present practicable and sustainable solutions for a successful way of living.

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