“... Instead of shedding a little light on everything, trying to show a few pictures of many inhabitants and processing figures and data, he gives the viewer the opportunity of submerging himself in the lives of two inhabitants. This kind of documentary was common in the sixties, and could even be seen on television. You don’t just sit there, waiting to see what happens next but let things take their course. This is both more relaxing and more diverting. Stiglmayr observes instead of passing judgement...”
Giessner Anzeiger

“His gaze shows the many human components of co-existence. In keeping with “Der Bayerische Rebell” about the idiosyncratic chansonnier Hans Söllner, Stiglmayr is again presenting a fascinating documenatry about the possibilities of following different ways of life.”
Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung

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